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 We keep the client in the loop the whole way with sign offs at various stages of the production.  All our productions are carried out to the highest professional standard both technically and creatively.  Every production is produced to the latest TVNZ technical broadcast standards using the latest wide screen broadcast camera equipment.  Our post production (editing and sound) equipment utilises the latest digital technology.  We pride ourselves on our quality of product and professional standards.  The best tool to ensure professionalism is experience and that is what we pride ourselves in.  All talent complete and sign release forms for our records to ensure that there will be no problems with permissions to show the finished production to an audience. We also obtain signed permissions with locations and organisations we film at. We are fully conversant with copyright legislation with music and video.  We have an excellent working relationship with AMCOS – the music copyright organisation



 At the start of a production we will produce a production schedule.  This is carefully produced utilising the brief for the project.  Every one of our projects has come in on time and on budget and the key is careful pre-production planning.  Again, it is years of experience that is behind producing realistic and practical production schedules.  Our system has been developed over the years by Dave Mason.  Such is the respect for this system that Dave was consulted by TVNZ when they were installing their new computer planning software so that some of the aspects of the system could be incorporated into that software for programme production planning.


Talent Rapport

 Often the talent we use are new to being in front of a camera.  We put the talent at ease by explaining carefully what is involved and being patient.  It is a case of building up trust and encouraging the talent to obtain the best performance possible.  Depending upon the project, it is sometimes possible for the Researcher and /or the Director to meet face to face with the talent prior to the shoot but if this cannot happen for practical reasons then we always talk to the talent over the phone before the shoot to carefully explain the procedure. Without the talent you don’t have the story so it is vital to build up a very good rapport with that person.


Cultural Resources

 There are times when it is necessary to seek cultural advice for a production.  Good examples of this being when filming on Marae or dealing with ethnic issues and procedures.  Again it is pre-production, good research and being respectful of other people’s culture that is important.   The way one would access cultural advice and/ or resources would depend upon the project in hand but we have a lot of experience dealing with a range of cultural resources in New Zealand and gaining access to those resources for filming.  Some examples of this would be when we filmed for Just the Job on Kapiti Island.  The story was about eco-tourism and the eco-tourism operation on the island which is run by a local Maori Iwi with John Barrett as the CEO.  We spent a day on the island ahead of filming making sure that all protocol and permissions were agreed and adhered to ahead of filming a few weeks later.  We work a lot with the Department of Conservation.  By design, they protect carefully the lands in their care and have strict rules and guidelines for filming.  Over the years we have worked closely with DOC filming in the Tongariro National Park for our documentary on The Grand Chateau and Dave Mason’s documentary on the making of Lord of the Rings “The Real Middle Earth”.  We worked closely with Doc when we filmed around the Nelson Lakes for our Just the Job series when we featured the work and career of a DOC Ranger.  The documentaries we produced for Learning State involved us filming in National Archives in Wellington, The Parliament Building and the Parliament Library.  Again, the pathway was cleared ahead of time for the filming and all permissions and any protocol adhered to. 

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