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Our Just the Job careers TV Series is written and produced by us and we are now in production for a tenth series of 10 programmes.  To date 90 half hour TV programmes have been written, produced and broadcast.  Each programme is made up of 3 separate 7 minute segments and each segment can be considered as a programme in its own right.  Once produced, DVD copies of the individual segments are authored and copied for their promotional use.  To date over 250 such segments have been produced with DVD runs ranging from 50 copies to 2000 copies.  Once the series has been complied and put to air then we produce a double DVD of the whole series which is then sent to every secondary school in the country (about 550).  Further copies are sent to Work and Income (about 200) and we also send copies to the Pacific Islands for use in their schools.  Extra copies have also been order by schools and other establishments bring the total for Just the Job alone to  DVD copies to over 5,000 DVD copies.

Our core business is making TV programmes for broadcast, web based programmes and DVD productions for the corporate and educational sector.  We produce, duplicate, print and package many thousands of DVDs every year in-house.  For long runs we outsource the duplication where the DVD is replicated rather than duplicated - a process that involves making a glass master which is then stamped to make copies. 

 As our business has grown so has the investment in plant and equipment. 

Our largest production is our Just the Job series. The series employing a crew of 15 people and a budget of over $540,000 per 10 part series. 

Medium Production would be along the lines of our two State Sector DVDs which were produced for Learning State, the State Sector ITO; the Mentor training DVDs for InfraTrain;  Fire Service Training DVDs to accompany their Unit Standards and the MBIE Kiwi working practices DVD for new refugees settling in to New Zealand

An example of a small production was for the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation.  It was a one day green screen shoot for their web site.  The shoot involved shooting four characters that are at various stages of their career.   They were promoting the building industry as a career.  This was for the BCITO website and we were contracted to shoot the pieces, edit them and then prepare them for the web involving compression and matting the characters so that they can pop up and tell their stories to the viewer.   

Directing Crew

We have a long list of satisfied customers.  Dave Mason is at the helm of the company and personally oversees every production.  He has been in the TV production business since 1976 and has a long and impressive list of credits to his name. The people that Dave employs are all highly experienced personnel.  It is this combined experience that ensures a positive outcome for all the company productions. 

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